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Moving house? Re-Mortgaging?

Ring Cornfield Law LLP today and ask to speak to our conveyancing department.Russell Dicker is a solicitor, Member and Head of the conveyancing department , assisted by his team including Jo Groombridge, Jenny Mason and Anna Rieder. Using the most up-to-date case management systems and online search methods the department can offer a highly personalised service geared to your needs and requirements.

Choose Cornfield Law LLP for local knowledge, expertise and experience, individual personal service and modern technology.

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Sale and Purchase


  • Up to £ 250,000.00 = £945.00 plus VAT of £189.00
  • £250,001.00 to £ 400,000.00 = £1,145.00 plus VAT of £229.00
  • £400,001.00 to £ 500,000.00 = £1,295.00 plus VAT of £259.00
  • £500,001.00 to £ 750,000.00 = £1,495.00 plus VAT of £299.00
  • £750,001.00 to £1,000.000.00 = £1,995.00 plus VAT of £399.00
  • £1,000.000.00 price upon request
  • Disbursements and Charges in addition to solicitors’ fees (see below)

Freehold Sale


  • Disbursements e.g. Office copy entries from H M Land Registry,
  • Electronic money transfer fee (TT) £35.00 plus VAT
  • Estate Agents fees plus VAT.

Freehold Purchase


  • Disbursements e.g. Searches, Land Registry fees, stamp duty land tax
  • TT fee

Leasehold Sale


  • Disbursements e.g. Office copy entries, Management pack plus VAT
  • TT fee
  • Estate Agents Fees plus VAT

Leasehold Purchase


  • Disbursements e.g. Searches, Land Registry Fees, Stamp Duty Land Tax,
  • Electronic money transfer fee £35 plus VAT

For leasehold properties there are further disbursements which can be as follows:

  • Notice of Transfer Fee to advise the freeholder of the fee, £50-£250 plus VAT.
  • Notice of Charge Fee, if buying with a mortgage. If charged, it will be mentioned in the lease in the region of £50-£100.
  • Deed of Covenant fee, calculated by the management company, in the region of £50-£300.

These fees can vary from property to property and could be significantly higher than the estimates above. In addition, our charges assume the transaction is straight forward without complications or delays. It is also assumed that you, the client, where required can provide all necessary paperwork and no indemnity policies are requires, which of course would increase costs.

Re-mortgage only


Our costs would be £650 plus VAT where the transaction is straight forward. If other factors come to light during the transaction such as unregistered property or defective title, or lack of building regulations or planning permissions obtained, this will cause delays and increase costs.

How long will my house purchase/sale take?


All sales and purchases vary. The average takes between 6-12 weeks. A long chain with many buyers and sellers could cause holdups or even break down altogether. A mortgage offer could be slow to come through. A leasehold property in need of a lease extension again could cause lengthy delays as negotiations with the freeholder take place, anything from 3-6 months or even more. A lease extension would of course result in extra charges.

Key Stages of the Process:


  • Taking your first instructions, ID, advising as necessary and reviewing mortgage offer if required.
  • Receiving and advising on contract documents if a purchase. Preparing contract documents for a sale.
  • Carrying out local authority searches, water searches and others as required. Obtaining further planning documentation or other searches as required.
  • Making enquiries of the other side.
  • Advising you on the documents and information received. Reviewing the conditions of the Mortgage Offer with you, if appropriate.
  • Sending the contract to you for signature and agreeing with you and the other side a completion date.
  • Exchanging contracts and informing you of this.
  • Arranging for all mortgage monies to be received from the lender and from you. Completing the purchase and forwarding purchase funds.
  • Dealing with payment of stamp duty land tax and registering the property with the Land Registry.
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